Wild Rose defeats Tri-County in boys’ basketball matchup

The Wild Rose Wildcats beat the Tri-County Penguins on Feb. 1 during a boys’ basketball matchup.

It was clear from the start that Wild Rose came to win. In the first half, Wild Rose dominated the court by scoring 29 points to Tri-County’s 8 points. The second half was a bit more interesting as Tri-County came back with vengeance. However, the additional 25 points Tri-County scored didn’t help when Wild Rose scored 28 more points. This meant Wild Rose walked away the winners, 57-33.

For Tri-County, Jayden Schubert scored 12 points, Tyler Doorn 6 points, Keith Scott 5 points, Preston Knutson 3 points, Aiko Vang, David Femal, and Brad Truehl 2 points each, and Ben Truehl 1 point.


For Wild Rose, Nick Wilbert scored 22 points, Travis Jansen 15 points, Caleb Weasner 6 points, Colten Hanson 5 points, Kane Cronkrite 4 points, Sam Walters and Matthew Wilder 2 points each, and Dyllan Rivers 1 point.


This is Tri-County’s 14th loss of the regular season with 1 win in the bag. Their Central Wisconsin South record is 0 wins and 8 losses.

This is Wild Rose’s 13th win of the season with 3 losses. They have a Central Wisconsin South score of 6 wins and 2 losses.