Westfield Pioneers taken down by Nekoosa 34-26

The Westfield Pioneers competed against Nekoosa on Sept. 6 during a football conference matchup.

The game started off in Nekoosa’s favor, with the visiting team scoring two touchdowns with two successful field goals. Westfield tried to match this by scoring one touchdown and a two-point conversion by Omar Ortiz.

Not wanting the home team to catchup, Nekoosa scored another touchdown in the second quarter, but their field goal was unsuccessful, bring the score 20-8.

Both teams scored touchdowns in the third, but Nekoosa managed to make their field goal, while Westfield did not.


The fourth quarter brought 12 points to Westfield and 6 points to Nekoosa, and the visiting team walked away victorious with a final score, 34-26.

Westfield touchdowns were scored by Brady Holly, 1, and Camden Stampfl, 3.