Tri-County, Plainfield, hosts Track & Field meet

Almond-Bancroft and Wild Rose attended Tri-County High School’s Track & Field meet on April 15.

Men’s 100m: 1st, Matt Lukas, Almond-Bancroft, 12.08; 2nd, Dylan Omernick, Almond-Bancroft, 12.33; 3rd, Jackson Beggs, Almond-Bancroft, 12.37; 5th, Ryan Applebee, Tri-County, 12.52; 6th, Greg Ida, Wild Rose, 12.72; 14th, Emmanuel Williams, Wild Rose, 14.31; 18th, Devon Miner, Almond-Bancroft, 14.59; 19th, Aaron Gaboury-Gorges, Wild Rose.

Women’s 100m: 5th, Ashley Zacharias, Wild Rose, 14.57; 10th, Jaidyn Knueppel, Wild Rose, 15.07; 11th, Mackenzie Stoll, Wild Rose, 15.10; 14th, Jadin Dudek, Wild Rose, 15.56; 15th, Jossalyn Wolff, Tri-County, 15.84; 18th, Grace Lehouillier, Tri-County, 17.93.

Men’s 200m: 1st, Ashton Schwartzman, Wild Rose, 23.12; 2nd, Dylan Omernick, Almond-Bancroft, 24.14; 4th, Noah Kollock, Almond-Bancroft, 25.16; 6th, Christian McGhee, Wild Rose, 27.48; 7th, Ethan Sullivan, Wild Rose, 27.49; 8th, Devon Miner, Almond-Bancroft, 30.44.

Women’s 200m: 4th, Ashley Zacharias, Wild Rose, 29.96; 5th, Hillary Fitzgerald, Wild Rose, 30.10; 6th, Olivia Eagen, Wild Rose, 30.18; 8th, Orria Wood, Wild Rose, 30.51; 11th, Mackenzie Stoll, Wild Rose, 31.45; 14th, Brooke Walker, Tri-County, 33.50; 18th, Grace Lehouillier, Tri-County, 39.17.

Men’s 400m: 1st, Ashton Schwartzman, Wild Rose, 50.35; 2nd, Ethan Tratz, Wild Rose, 55.99; 5th, Christian McGhee, Wild Rose, 1:01.48; 7th, Ethan Sullivan, Wild Rose, 1:03.97; 9th, Corbin Dougherty, Wild Rose, 1:07.09.

Women’s 400m: 2nd, Orria Wood, Wild Rose, 1:06.61; 3rd, Hillary Fitzgerald, Wild Rose, 1:07.63; 5th, Hailey Wilkins, Tri-County, 1:09.05; 7th, Ashley Zacharias, Wild Rose, 1:10.36; 11th, Esther Brooks, Wild Rose, 1:23.51.

Men’s 800m: 1st, William Dorsett, Wild Rose, 2:16.19; 2nd, Ethan Tratz, Wild Rose, 2:18.03; 3rd, Matthew Kapral, Wild Rose, 2:20.21; 6th, Joey Button, Wild Rose, 2:43.04; 7th, Parker Femal, Tri-County, 2:45.74; 11th, Joey Wheeler, Tri-County, 2:50.13.

Women’s 800m: 1st, Kiana Julian, Wild Rose, 2:43.20; 2nd, Ella Winn, Almond-Bancroft, 2:54.59; 3rd, Eden Kapral, Wild Rose, 2:55.63; 8th, Esther Brooks, Wild Rose, 3:46.26.


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