Tri-County attends Pittsville Early Meet, April 2

The Tri-County Penguins Track & Field team competed at the Pittsville Early Meet on April 2 at Pittsville High School.


Men’s 100 Meters: Chance Wolff, 4th place, 12.53.

Women’s 100 Meters: Jossalyn Wolff, 9th place, 15.22; Grace Lehouillier, 18th place, 18.08.

Men’s 200 Meters: Ryan Applebee, DNS.

Women’s 200 Meters: Jossalyn Wolff, 11th place, 32.77.

Men’s 800 Meters: Parker Femal, 5th place, 2:33.48; Joey Wheeler, 8th place, 2:48.02.

Men’s 3200 Meters: Sean Gruenberg, 2nd place, 12:10.60.

Women’s 100m Hurdles: Haley Kramer, 2nd place, 17.89; Brooke Walker, 5th place, 27.11.

Women’s 300m Hurdles: Haley Kramer, 1st place, 54.66

Men’s 4x100 Relay: Aiko Vang, Sergio Rodriguez, Asher Boyd, & Jose Tellez, DQ.

Women’s 4x100 Relay: Morelle Heiden, Brittany Gold, Grace Lehouillier, & Brooke Walker, 4th place, 1:05.59

Men’s 4x200 Relay: Ryan Applebee, Jose Tellez, Aiko Vang, & Chance Wolff, 1st place, 1:46.35.

Women’s 4x200 Relay: Jossalyn Wolff, Brooke Walker, Morelle Heiden, & Haley Kramer, 3rd place, 2:11.66.

Men’s 4x400 Relay: Jose Tellez, Ryan Applebee, Asher Boyd, & Chance Wolff, 2nd place, 4:11.47.

Men’s 4x800 Relay: Sean Gruenberg, Joey Wheeler, Sergio Rodriguez, & Parker Femal, 3rd place, 10:47.55

Men’s Shot Put: Joseph Hoffmann, 3rd place, 36-04.50; Patrick Leibsle, 8th place, 30-07.00; Steven Folz, 14th place, 22-04.00.

Women’s Shot Put: Brittany Gold, 10th place, 23-02.50; Megan Reilley, 11th place, 23-02.25; Vanessa Garcia, 15th place, 17-05.00.

Men’s Discus: Joseph Hoffmann, 5th place, 90-10; Patrick Leibsle, 7th place, 81-04; Steven Folz, 10th place, 60-09.

Women’s Discus: Megan Reilley, 11th place, 64-00; Brittany Gold, 13th place, 63-01.

Men’s High Jump: Parker Femal, 3rd place, 5-00.00; Chance Wolff, 3rd place, 5-00.00.

Men’s Pole Vault: Patrick Leibsle, 1st place, 9-06.00; Sean Gruenberg, 3rd place, 7-06.00.

Women’s Pole Vault: Haley Kramer, 2nd place, 7-06.00.

Men’s Long Jump: Jose Tellez, 5th place, 16-02.00; Aiko Vang, 8th place, 13-06.00; Asher Boyd, 10th place, 13-02.50.

Women’s Long Jump: Morelle Heiden, 5th place, 12-01.00; Jossalyn Wolff, 7th place, 11-04-75; Brooke Walker, 10th place, 9-10.00; Grace Lehouillier, 11th place, 9-04.00.

Men’s Triple Jump: Aiko Vang, 6th place, 30-11.00; Asher Boyd, 7th place, 29-05.00.


Women’s Triple Jump: Morelle Heiden, 4th place, 28-07.00.