Track & Field teams compete at CWC Small Conference Meet

Local Track & Field teams competed at the CWC Small Conference Meet on May 10 at Tri-County High School.

Men’s 100m: 1st, Ashton Schwartzman, Wild Rose, 11.43; 3rd, Dylan Omernick, Almond-Bancroft, 11.98; 5th, Greg Ida, Wild Rose, 12.25; 6th, Noah Kollock, Almond-Bancroft, 12.41.

Women’s 100m: 2nd, Anna Caswell, Wild Rose, 13.69; 7th, Ashley Zacharias, Wild Rose, 14.31.

Men’s 200m: 1st, Ashton Schwartzman, Wild Rose, 23.01; 3rd, Dylan Omernick, Almond-Bancroft, 24.08; 5th, Ryan Applebee, Tri-County, 24.79; 8th, Ethan Tratz, Wild Rose, 26.39.

Women’s 200m: 5th, Ashley Zacharias, Wild Rose, 29.53; 8th, Hailey Wilkins, Tri-County, 30.15.

Men’s 400m: 1st, Ashton Schwartzman, Wild Rose, 49.90; 5th, Parker Femal, Tri-County, 1:00.41; 6th, Ethan Tratz, Wild Rose, 1:01.96.

Women’s 400m: 1st, Orria Wood, Wild Rose, 1:04.91; 3rd, Hailey Wilkins, Tri-County, 1:06.23; 4th, Candice Milne, Wild Rose, 1:06.33; 9th, Ella Winn, Almond-Bancroft, 1:11.16.

Men’s 800m: 1st, William Dorsett, Wild Rose, 2:08.79; 4th, Matthew Kapral, Wild Rose, 2:18.31; 8th, Joey Wheeler, Tri-County, 2:34.43.

Women’s 800m: 1st, Kiana Julian, Wild Rose, 2:41.10; 3rd, Eden Kapral, Wild Rose, 2:48.39; 4th, Candice Milne, Wild Rose, 2:50.96.

Men’s 1600m: 1st, Lance Erdman, Wild Rose, 4:50.65; 2nd, Aiden Doherty, Wild Rose, 4:50.79; 5th, Matthew Kapral, Wild Rose, 5:04.35; 6th, Sean Gruenberg, Tri-County, 5:09.94.

Women’s 1600m: 1st, Kaitlyn Brooks, Wild Rose, 6:19.90.

Men’s 3200m: 2nd, Lance Erdman, Wild Rose, 10:56.02; 3rd, Elijah Kollock, Almond-Bancroft, 10:59.27; 4th, Sean Gruenberg, Tri-County, 11:18.48; 5th, Aiden Doherty, Wild Rose, 11:51.64.

Women’s 3200m: 1st, Ella Winn, Almond-Bancroft, 13:57.87; 3rd, Kaitlyn Brooks, Wild Rose, 14:34.33.

Men’s 110m Hurdles: 1st, Mike Fitzgerald, Wild Rose, 16.41; 3rd, Colten Hanson, Wild Rose, 20.11.

Women’s 100m Hurdles: 2nd, Haley Kramer, Tri-County, 17.34; 4th, Olivia Eagen, Wild Rose, 18.77; 5th, Kinsey Reynolds, Wild Rose, 18.91.

Men’s 300m Hurdles: 1st, Mike Fitzgerald, Wild Rose, 42.66; 2nd, Colten Hanson, Wild Rose, 47.98.

Women’s 300m Hurdles: 1st, Haley Kramer, Tri-County, 50.97; 3rd, Olivia Eagen, Wild Rose, 51.69; 4th, Kinsey Reynolds, Wild Rose, 52.54; 7th, Brooke Walker, Tri-County, 1:03.37.

Men’s 4x100 Relay: 1st, Greg Ida, Dyllan Rivers, Joey Button, and Kane Cronkrite, Wild Rose, 47.68; 2nd, Aiko Vang, Jose Tellez, Asher Boyd, and Patrick Leibsle, Tri-County, 50.17.

Women’s 4x100 Relay: 1st, Anna Caswell, Addy Lauritzen, Torrance Marquez, and Mackenzie Caves, Wild Rose, 53.22; 5th, Morelle Haiden, Brooke Walker, Brittany Gold, and Jossalyn Wolff, Tri-County, 1:02.56.

Men’s 4x200 Relay: 1st, Dylan Omernick, Jackson Beggs, Elijah Kollock, and Noah Kollock, Almond-Bancroft, 1:35.87; 2nd, Dyllan Rivers, Logan Wood, Hayden Schwartzman, and Kane Cronkrite, Wild Rose, 1:37.32; 5th, Aiko Vang, Jose Tellez, Joey Wheeler, and Patrick Leibsle, Tri-County, 1:48.63.

Women’s 4x200 Relay: 1st, Anna Caswell, Mackenzie Caves, Addy Lauritzen, and Torrance Marquez, Wild Rose, 1:50.95; 5th, Brooke Walker, Grace Lehouillier, Jossalyn Wolff, and Brittany Gold, Tri-County, 2:09.53.

Men’s 4x400 Relay: 1st, Willian Dorsett, Hayden Schwartzman, Logan Wood, and Mike Fitzgerald, Wild Rose, 3:41.19; 2nd, Ryan Applebee, Jose Tellez, Asher Boyd, and Parker Femal, Tri-County, 3:56.26.

Women’s 4x400 Relay: 1st, Mackenzie Caves, Kiana Julian, Orria Wood, and Jaidyn Knueppel, Wild Rose, 4:31.45; 2nd, Haley Kramer, Jossalyn Wolff, Morelle Heiden, and Hailey Wilkins, Tri-County, 4:43.98.

Men’s 4x800 Relay: 1st, Hayden Schwartzman, Logan Wood, Dyllan Rivers, and William Dorsett, Wild Rose, 8:36.26; 3rd, Parker Femal, Joey Wheeler, Asher Boyd, and Sean Gruenberg, Tri-County, 9:58.74.

Women’s 4x800 Relay: 1st, Kiana Julian, Eden Kapral, Orria Wood, and Lyndsey Lippert, Wild Rose, 11:09.89.

Men’s Shot Put: 1st, Caleb Weasner, Wild Rose, 46-07.00; 2nd, Joseph Hoffmann, Tri-County, 41-05.00; 3rd, Sam Walters, Wild Rose, 37-01.00; 7th, Edward Pena, Almond-Bancroft, 32-01.00; 8th, Kenny Gaspar-Diaz, Almond-Bancroft, 31-03.00.

Women’s Shot Put: 3rd, Star DalleAve, Wild Rose, 31-03.00; 6th, Tommi-Ann Steberl, Wild Rose, 29-03.00; 7th, Anna Caswell, Wild Rose, 29-02.00.

Men’s Discus: 1st, Caleb Weasner, Wild Rose, 128-00; 3rd, Sam Walters, Wild Rose, 113-07; 4tf, Patrick Leibsle, Tri-County, 104-11; 8th, Joseph Hoffmann, Tri-County, 95-03.

Women’s Discus: 4th, Megan Reilley, Tri-County, 91-04; 6th, Lyndsey Lippert, Wild Rose, 84-00; 9th, Brittany Gold, Tri-County, 68-04.

Men’s High Jump: 1st, Jackson Beggs, Almond-Bancroft, 6-00.00; 3rd, Emmanuel Williams, Wild Rose, 5-03.00; 6th Parker Femal, Tri-County, 5-02.00.

Women’s High Jump: 1st, Mackenzie Stoll, Wild Rose, 4-11.00; 2nd, Dalene Sherburn, Wild Rose, 4-10.00; 9th, Hailey Wilkins, Tri-County, 4-02.00.

Men’s Long Jump: 1st, Kane Cronkrite, Wild Rose, 20-00.25; 5th, Ryan Applebee, Tri-County, 17-11.50; 6th, Greg Ida, Wild Rose, 17-09.25.

Women’s Long Jump: 2nd, Addy Lauritzen, Wild Rose, 15-08.75; 4th, Torrance Marquez, Wild Rose, 14-09.00.

Men’s Triple Jump: 2nd, Colten Hanson, Wild Rose, 39-04.75; 4th, Kane Cronkrite, Wild Rose, 37-05.00; 6th, Jose Tellez, Tri-County, 34-00.75; 7th, Aiko Vang, Tri-County, 32-01.00.

Women’s Triple Jump: 1st, Mackenzie Caves, Wild Rose, 35-00.00; 4th Addy Lauritzen, Wild Rose, 31-05.00; 5th, Torrance Marquez, Wild Rose, 31-04.50.