Almond-Bancroft player Jackson Beggs runs 11-yards for the only touchdown of the game on Oct. 26 against Pittsville in the second level of the WIAA Tournament.

Almond-Bancroft Football Team takes loss and finishes season

Up until this point in the season, the Almond-Bancroft Football Team was having a good run. Unfortunately, this ended on Oct. 27 when they were defeated by Pittsville, 17-7, during the second level of the WIAA Tournament, ending a great season.


Pittsville scored one touchdown in the first quarter and another in the second, making the score Pittsville 14 and Almond-Bancroft 0.

Almond-Bancroft’s Jackson Beggs ran for 11-yards to score the only touchdown of the night in the third quarter with 2:43 left on the clock. Pittsville made a 23-yard goal attempt for a field goal in the third, which brought their score up three more points. No points were scored in the fourth quarter.