Almond-Bancroft Eagles continue winning streak with 8th win

The Almond-Bancroft Eagles competed against Pacelli in a football matchup on Oct. 11 and won 38-0. This continues the Eagle’s winning streak with 8 wins.

In the first quarter, Jackson Beggs scored a touchdown on a 20 yard play. Beggs also completed a successful two-point conversion. Beggs scored another touchdown for a 77-yard play, and there was a successful two-point conversion by Daniel Baumgartner. The Eagles led 16-0.

In the second quarter, there was a touchdown pass from Baumgartner to Matt Lukas from 29 yards out. Beggs completed a successful two-point conversion.

In the third quarter, Beggs added 6 points on a 1 yard play, which was followed by a two-point conversion run by Baumgartner. Beggs scored the last touchdown of the night for a 2-yard gain, but the two-point conversion that followed was unsuccessful.

The fourth was scoreless--neither team was able to get any offense going.


The Eagles take on Johnson Creek at home on Friday, Oct. 18 at 7 p.m. This is their last game before playoffs begin.