ThedaCare presents tips for training safely

There is a joy to running, but sometimes we love it too much. Training your body to run is hard and rewarding work, and for many of us it sometimes it goes wrong. To me, running is no different than weight training. You don’t walk into a weight room the first time and expect to bench press hundreds of pounds. Similarly, many beginners run too fast, too far, or too often, and this all adds weight to the bar. Environmental factors will also add weight to the bar. Wind, hills, temperature, and running surface can making running more or less challenging. Accounting for these elements can help minimize injuries. Perhaps you can run eight miles at an eight minute pace when it’s 55 degrees with no wind, but you have to work much harder when it’s 95 degrees or 20 mph winds. Being flexible with your goals and understanding your body will make running more enjoyable and may minimize injury. Here is a list of common injuries and tips to avoid them.

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