ThedaCare introducing ‘Ripple’ to the community

ThedaCare is committed to empowering patients and the community with tools, programs and services to improve their health and wellbeing. With a mission of improving community health, ThedaCare is dedicated to understanding each person’s unique medical background, risks, lifestyle, personal values and goals.

On June 1, ThedaCare, in partnership with b.well Connected Health, was proud to announce the launch of a powerful, interactive health management tool called Ripple. The symbolic name for the app illustrates the power of change and the role the platform can have in communities. Ripple aims to help curb patient information overload by bringing various data points together, solving the fragmented and siloed health experience, and putting consumers at the center of their health.

“In order to create a healthier community, ThedaCare has to become an organization that proactively knows patients, anticipates health wants and needs and prevents issues from arising,” said Dr. Andrabi. “Ripple is a tool that will help do that, providing patients and communities a simple, secure way to manage health, save time and, in the process, create greater peace of mind.”

Through this app, people will have the ability to coordinate health information across providers, pharmacies and health care systems. Everyone who downloads Ripple and registers will be able to access their provider and insurance information securely, manage their medication, and receive alerts and reminders on future care needs, immunizations and preventative care, to name a few. Ripple will be able to keep wearable health devices in one portal to help identify health trends.

“The goal is to make exceptional care effortless and easier for patients. ThedaCare puts you and your family first at every interaction, prioritize your schedule when making appointments and design facilities for your comfort and convenience,” explained Dr. Andrabi. “And convenience was an important part of the Ripple design, especially for those who manage the health of multiple family members. For the mother who needs to schedule her child’s wellness exam, refill a spouse’s medication and make an appointment for herself, Ripple has the capability to do all of that through a secure platform.”

Ripple also serves as a dedicated source for COVID-19 information, which supported the health system’s decision to launch the app during this time.

“While access to care and timely health information has always been critical, the pace of change brought about by this global pandemic has underscored the need,” explained Dr. Andrabi. “Knowing the desire for COVID-19 reliable information, they accelerated and expanded this priority to provide that for community members through this tool.”

This tool will continue to evolve over time, with new features and benefits routinely added to enhance the tool to benefit consumers.

Ripple is now live and available for community members to download. For more information, visit: