ThedaCare has baby boom in Berlin

In family practice at ThedaCare Physicians-Ber-lin, Dr. Abby Puglisi sees a wide variety of patients. Recently, Dr. Puglisi has also been a patient as she is expecting her second child. In a unique situation, she and her colleagues have provided care for each other throughout their pregnancies and delivery.

“Who better to take care of me than the individuals that know me well?” she said. “In a small hospital, the atmosphere is much like family. I have been very pleased with how I have been treated by all of the ThedaCare team members.” Dr. Puglisi, who is due in June, is seeing Dr. Jared Kohlenberg for her OB care and plans to deliver at ThedaCare Medical Center-Berlin. Dr. Kohlenberg is also her primary care provider.

“At the end of the day, I am a patient and it is very helpful to have an objective mind behind all the decisions being made about my care,” Dr. Puglisi said. “This way, I don’t have to be my own doctor. I get to be a mom and a wife, and leave the details to my doctor. This is a great luxury.”

During a baby boom, Dr. Cynthia Fisher, Dr. Kirsten Grove, Jessica Tomasiewicz, CRNA and Dr. Rachel Kurinsky have all been cared for by ThedaCare physicians in Berlin, a rural town of about 5,000 people. Most of those physicians helped with delivery of their babies as well. “I didn’t feel like a doctor, they treated me like any other patient, with care and compassion,” said Dr. Grove. “All of the focus was on me and my baby.”

Dr. Fisher cared for Dr. Grove and helped deliver her little one in February 2018. “We work side by side and then go in for appointments,” said Dr. Grove. “It’s different when you’re the patient; we always maintain that high standard of care.”

Dr. Fisher explained that it is somewhat unique for family medicine physicians to provide care that includes obstetrics. She said close relationships with families are what make her position special. “Your patients become family and you develop close bonds with them,” said Dr. Fisher. “The same doctors who perform deliveries are also the same doctors you see for a cough. You become more comfortable with your provider which can lead to better health for all.”


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