ThedaCare Berlin Hospital: A leader in OB care

The obstetrics (OB) unit of ThedaCare Medical Center-Berlin offers intimate, patient-centered care for mom, baby, and family, with several locally based family practice physicians delivering babies there. What many people don’t know, however, is that Berlin hospital has continuously worked to stay in the forefront of birth practices, providing moms and babies with the latest in maternal care. Pam Mork, director of nursing at ThedaCare Medical Center-Berlin and a veteran of 32 years of OB nursing, noted the hospital in Berlin has always tried to be on the “leading edge” of what’s popular with birthing moms. “We were one of the first hospitals in the area to offer water birthing because that’s what patients wanted,” Mork said. “While we no longer offer water births, we do offer hydrotherapy during labor, we are in the forefront of employing aroma therapy, using a variety of essential oils to assist with pain, nausea, and overall relaxation, and we embrace HypnoBirthing, where moms use special breathing, relaxation, vi-sualization, and meditative practices to give birth in a more peaceful manner. But, we also offer epidural anesthesia if that’s what a mom wants or needs,” Mork added. When necessary, C-sec-tions can be performed by one of the three family practice physicians licensed to provide that care. 

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