Giving birth at the ThedaCare Medical Center-Berlin

A full-service maternity facility available to moms-to-be

Jessica Tomasiewicz and her husband, Kevin, recently delivered their second daughter, Addison, at ThedaCare Medical Center-Berlin. Jess, who is a nurse anesthetist at the hospital, birthed their first daughter at a hospital in Oshkosh about 20 months ago. But this time they chose ThedaCare Medical Center-Berlin, even though she and Kevin live in Oshkosh. “I work closely with the nurses in the OB department, and I was very comfortable and confident in their expertise and skills. This was a planned C-section, and I was able to be more involved in planning my care,” Tomasiewicz said. “Because we are a small hospital, we can adjust the plan of care to what the patient wants, while maintaining safety and quality,” said Trina Hernandez, inpatient care manager at ThedaCare Medical Center-Berlin. For that reason, each shift is staffed with two registered nurses trained in the latest obstetrics practices. “Our staffing pattern allows us to give each mom and newborn individualized care. The same nurse who assisted with a mom’s delivery will take care of her newborn and follow mom’s recovery, providing personalized care to the patient, her newborn, and the entire family. Everything happens in the OB unit,” Hernandez added.

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