Terry Zeamer (right) passed down the ThedaCare t-shirt he wore at his first son’s birth to his son Justin (left), so he could wear it when his first child was born at ThedaCare-Neenah. There to share in the excitement was Justin’s wife Jacki and their new daughter Aria Elaine.

Family celebrates three generations at ThedaCare

On a warm July day in 1993, Terry Zeamer proudly put on a t-shirt he received from the birth center at, what was then, Theda Clark Regional Medical Center. He was given the shirt after he and his wife welcomed new baby, Justin, into the world. The shirt read, “Fathers are Special at Theda Clark Regional Medical Center”.

“It was a nice surprise to get a shirt from the hospital,” said Terry Zeamer. “It helped us remember the great experience we had expanding our family.”

Terry and his wife, Bonnie, went on to have four sons in all. Terry kept the shirt for more than two decades. Last week, he passed the shirt on to his son Justin, as Justin and his wife, Jacki, welcomed a baby girl. Aria Elaine was six pounds, 10 ounces, and 20 inches long. The special day was made even more memorable, as Justin was wearing the same shirt his father wore in 1993.

“It’s surreal putting myself into my dad’s shoes,” Justin explained. “It’s all coming full circle for our family. It’s fun to have a special item such as the shirt when we welcome all of the Zeamer babies into the world.”

Terry and Bonnie were overjoyed to receive Aria, their sixth grandchild, into the family. They explain their other sons have also worn the t-shirt while having their children.

“Our other son actually had a baby this week as well,” said Bonnie. “So, we were blessed with two grandchildren in one week. He lives in Madison and wanted to wear the shirt when he had his baby. So, when Justin said that Jacki was in labor, we hurried to get the shirt back here to him.”


The family said they will continue the tradition of all fathers in their family wearing the shirt when they welcome new babies.