Bariatric Surgery Center re-certified as Center of Excellence

ThedaCare Regional Med-ical Center-Neenah Bariatric Center, in a partnership with Midwest Bariatric Solutions/Surgical Associates, was re-certified by The Clinical Sciences Institute of Optum from a survey provided for the Bariatric Centers of Excellence network.

The honor recognizes the program’s expertise and cost efficiency in delivering specialized bariatric care.

“We have an excel-lent comprehensive multi-disciplinary program offering nutritional, psychological, medical and exercise support,” said Dr. Kevin Wasco, co-medical director of ThedaCare Bariatric Surgery Center and co-founder of Midwest Bariatric Solutions. “We are there for the patient before, during and after surgery.”


The benefits to bariatric surgery go beyond the weight loss seen in the mirror. “Recent studies have shown it leads to remission or significantly improves related diseases and conditions that are commonly associated with it, such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease,” said Dr. Wasco.


“Ninety-six percent of program patients with type 2 diabetes no longer needed medication 36 months after surgery, which is higher than the national average of 83 percent. In addition, patients also saw a decline in sleep apnea (93 percent), the need for high blood pressure medication (72 percent), and reflux (99 percent),”he said.


As obesity and its related conditions continue to rise, recognition from insurance companies like Optum’s Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence will help people identify facilities that provide the optimal services.