WR summer reading program picnic set for Aug. 9

The Patterson Memorial Library Board learned that circulation was up during a July 23 meeting. That was welcomed news compared to some recent months for varying reasons. The Wild Rose Library Director (at Patterson) Kent Barnard informed the Board that he had been reading to the migrant children who attended the summer migrant school program. He also reported on how well attended the summer reading program entertainment sessions have been, with both children and adults enjoying them. The last entertainment session will be the Soda Pups at 3 pm on Thursday, Aug. 2 with the end of the summer reading program picnic taking place on Aug. 9. Tech Tuesdays with Garrik Kjentvet have been going well. STEAM activities yet to come include use of the 3-D printer, a Lego Bridge Challenge, and giant bubbles on Aug. 21. The Farm (the table) Fridays will start Aug. 3 with the subject being goats. The Wild Rose Kiwanis Club-sponsored Packer Family Fun Night bus trip on Aug. 4 still has tickets available. The Board was reminded of Wild Rose Days taking place July 27 and 28, with the parade having a military theme. Circus Boy Bobby Hunt was to have two performances the afternoon of the 28th at Roberts Park. Before adjourning for the night, the Board held a discussion on whether or not to hold meetings every other month instead of every month. The majority decided to keep it at every month. The next meeting will be held at 7 pm on Monday, Aug. 20.