Waushara County Libraries now offering new services

Waushara County Libraries, in partnership with the Winnefox Library System, are offering new services to improve delivery of materials. The first change is that all Winnefox Libraries are now receiving five day per week delivery, which means materials you put on hold are coming in faster than ever—sometimes the next day.

The other new service is that all Winnefox libraries have changed the way they handle new items. When a new item is received, it is made available to all 30 Winnefox libraries, instead of being available only to the owning library’s patrons. The good news is, items placed on hold by the owning library’s patrons will receive those items before other libraries’ patrons.

How it works: your library just bought a copy of the new James Patterson book or a new movie, which you are interested in, so you put it on hold. As soon as that copy arrives, any patron from your library (the owning library), who has placed a hold will get that copy first, before it is sent to another library in the system.

What this means: with 30 libraries, there are that many copies or more of a new book available to all Winnefox Library System patrons immediately, and with five day delivery, you’ll receive that hold before you know it.


The best way to ensure you get a copy of new materials is to ask your library to “Put it on Hold, Please.”