Collette Ross met with the children who had met their weekly reading goals for the Summer Reading Program, and she awarded them with a prize to take home from the Leon Saxeville Library.

“Magic of Music” Show performed for Summer Learning Program

    June 20, the Leon-Saxeville Library held the “Magic of Music” Show by Bruce Hetzler for their Summer Learning Program at Leon Town Hall in Pine River.     Bruce started off his show by teaching the children the magic words: Libraries Rock. The children would use these words throughout the show to make the magic happen. Many volunteers from the audience were selected for various tricks, such as acting out the Hare and Tortoise story and making a banner that read “Libraries Rock” magically appear out of an empty bag. Throughout the performance, the children laughed and interacted with Bruce, making this an entertaining experience for everyone present.     After the show, the students who had completed their reading goals for the week went to the Leon-Saxeville Library to receive a prize from the large display Collette Ross, Director, put together from various donations.     There is a Summer Reading Program activity every Wednesday at 10:30 am now through August 8 at the Leon-Saxeville Library. All children are welcome to attend and join the fun.

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