Tri-County alumnus expresses his opinion on the way bullying is handled

To the Editor: I was very dismayed to read an article in the Waushara Argus on April 5 regarding a threat made by a student at Tri-County Schools. Following the incident, a school board meeting was held to allow for public input where the topic of students being bullied was addressed. As a 1980 graduate who was bullied throughout high school and suffered the suicide of my best friend as a result of being bullied (also a 1980 graduate from Tri-County), I feel a very strong need to weigh in on this matter.    At the meeting Plainfield Police Chief Kevin Fenske stated, “I listen to the bullying thing and I am not going to disagree that it doesn’t go on, but what always upsets me is that I am in that building four days a week. Nobody ever comes to me.”

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