Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign

Letter to the Editor;


The essence of a recent church sermon, was the remark;

“You Can’t Clean A Fish Before You Catch It.”

Which brought to mind the crux (the decisive or most important point at issue) in regards to The Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign.

Folks, The Salvation Army, because of your generous donations in 2018, has been able to fund $30,000 back to Waushara County residents in the form of assistance as need presents.

But remember; “You Can’t Clean A Fish Before You Catch It.” Which in our case simply translates to good works cannot be done,, unless the funding appears (the “catching”) in our Red Kettles.

We could by no means help all the families that we help, unless we first solicit and receive your donation.

Yes, it is only June/July, but it is important for folks to realize that those donations given during each Christmas season are working this month and every month year around providing assistance to those in need. We want you to remember that this funding is not always going to the same individuals, and the need for assistance is well “vetted” in each case. Remember that 90 percent of your donations stay here in Waushara County, with the remainder going to disaster relief where-ever the need is.

Of course, you can donate anytime, to The Salvation Army, but we want you to remember that we will again be “ringing the bell” at multiple locations in Waushara County. Plus we have all those counter kettles in businesses everywhere.

We need to be appreciative of the 500 individuals in this county, that donate time to ring the bells at the stands during this season. Those individuals, representing over 30 different churches and civic organizations.


/s/ Roger I. Charette,

Salvation Army Volunteer, Waushara County