Richford 4-H Club member wants the Waushara County Fair to continue

Letter to the Editor,

The decision has not been made yet for the Waushara County Fair to proceed. I would like the board to know my compassion to have this major event continue.


This world has changed from what we knew. Now that the county has started to open up, I feel the fair is a necessity for all involved. Associations have held shows and many shows are being planned to continue, with respect to the health guidelines.

Being an exhibitor, it is a financial burden to raise a fair animal, which I have been blessed with many family members and friends to help me along the way. Many hours are put into  each show animal. It involves responsibility, problem-solving, patience, self-confidence, team work, sportsmanship, feed specialist and being a medical advisor.

It is not all about the ribbons or who wins. It is all about the memories made, the life lessons made and the bond with fellow showpersons that are made.

With all this being said, I would like to plead my case to have the fair continue. Even if this means being a ‘no-fit’ show. We will abide by the social distancing advice when watering, grooming, showing, etc.


I encourage everyone to voice their opinion to board members before their decision is final on June 10th.


/s/Taylor Belfeuil

Taylor Belfeuil