Loss of Hancock Fire Department causes feud destroying small community, a Mediator needed

To the Editor:

I prayed about how to get my thoughts out there to all of you without hurting or offending anyone to hopefully stop all the hate and negative comments. Our family has talked about selling all and moving due to the animosity with everyone. Our friendly, compassionate, caring com-munity has turned into something else that is not a positive place.

My family, coworkers and friends have been affected as have so many of you and yours.  It saddens and sickens me that everyone is fighting in not only our community but the surrounding areas only with the surrounding fire departments.  Friends, family, board members and firemen. We need to work together for a solution.

Yes, there are 2 sides, and both have valid points. But we need solutions for them to get along. All are good men and women on the boards and the fire departments. All want to help their community but this feud between the Fire District and Hancock Firemen must stop for the good of the people and the community. It has saddened not only me but many.  It has affected our communities and all the surrounding areas and fire departments. They have lost valuable experience and mutual aid in our small communities where the population and participation in the fire departments are dwindling.

One of the biggest loss is for the Hancock Village as their response time has probably doubled where every second counts. With the closing of the fire department, the village has one more building that has been with no activity.

The chairmen of the individual townships and village are the only ones that can change this and turn us back into our caring community. They have the power to do so. But in order to come up with an agreeable solution there must be input from the Hancock firemen and if needed a disinterested party as a mediator. There has been too much resentment between both for too long.  Rebellion comes with forced leadership and micromanaging especially when you are a volunteer.

Citizens are deeply con-cerned. They want answers. The only fair way would be a public meeting with both sides represented, but that also will bring more arguments and resentment by all.  It was a shock to everyone and a loss of a valuable service and asset here.

It is important that you do contact your chairmen and voice your concerns, but fighting, blaming, spreading lies and name calling are not accomplishing anything.Come up with solutions and ideas to help both sides.

I want to thank all our firemen and women who serve us so selfless and risk their lives to protect us. I also want to thank the board members for all they do as that job can be a thankless one.

/s/ Cindy Johnson

Hancock, WI

Hancock Volunteer Fire-men Family over 45 years