Local youth set example for what good parenting & mentorship can do for kids

Letter to the Editor:


Every day we are in-undated with news about our young people being involved in crime and drug abuse. That is true here in Wautoma and Waushara county. Every week in the Argus, the court reports are about 75 percent drug related crimes with 25 percent other crimes that could very well be drug related.

I am writing this letter to the editor to let each and every citizen in Wautoma and Waushara County that I see hope in the future for our youth. During Augustfest, the Knights of Columbus Council 6228 sponsored the annual Duck Races that are held each year.

This year was a very successful event for the Knights of Columbus, and I want to personally show my appreciation to all the volunteers that came forward to assist the Knights with this event. I appreciate the Wautoma High School Football team for their efforts in making this event happen. I also appreciate the local Boy Scout troop for their assistance.

I would like to let everyone know that these young men are a great example of what good leadership and mentoring can do for our kids. I am sure that is starts in their homes, but goes beyond that. We should appreciate head football coach David Woyak and his staff for instilling a work ethic that makes these players all great young men, not only on the field but off the field. I think that the young people in Waushara County and Wautoma can look up to these young men as examples of what good parenting and mentoring can do for our youth.

I would encourage ev-eryone to let these young people know that they are appreciated in our community. Not every football or sports seasons are successful, but the lessons these young people learn are worth every dime that we put into the sports programs at all of the high schools in Waushara County.


/s/ Tom Larson

Grand Knight Council 6228 Wauroma