Letter to the Editor: Many Hands - Helping Many..

It has begun!  “It” being The Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign. And, I am reminded why it is the favorite time of year for this volunteer. Why?.. Because, we bare witness to the “coming together” of the best traits of humanity. We see all the many volunteers donating hours of their precious time “ringing the bells,” thus providing the opportunity for many others to donate their hard earned money. And,all the donations are used for simply helping others in need. We can’t forget the businesses that both host bell ringers and/or have little Red Counter Kettles in their place of business.

It is truly amazing, as a bell ringer, to watch all the donations placed in the Red Kettles. It seems to demonstrate that we truly are “our brother’s keeper”.

Whether you’re a bell ringer, business owner, a donor, or all three, please know that you are appreciated.

Also know that Salvation Army employs the best possible use of your resources in order to relieve the suffering of others. For the next several weeks, feel good about your contributions, and know that your “good” touch the lives of many. And, remember the “Many Hands – Helping Many”.


/s/ Roger Charette,

Salvation Army Volunteer