Letter to the Editor:

Dear Editor,


Are We There Yet?

If I have learned one thing, it is that some questions are never answered. The above question implies that one is on a journey with a destination in mind, an anticipated end to a trip.

The Waushara County Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign has been on a journey (more like a mission) for who knows how long? It has certainly been longer than most of us can remember. One wonders if we are ever going to reach the goal, or ever get to that point where we can relax? Of course, the obvious answer to that is never. That time, or event, would mean that we have put an end to hunger, poverty, and misery.

Let’s look at the bright side of things. Waushara County hasn’t given up on this mission, but rather Waushara County has been giving up toward this effort. Take heart in the fact that each year the red kettles and bell ringers take their positions and the response is overwhelming.  It seems that as the need for help continues to exist, the generosity of our citizens continues to grow.

In 2019, we faced the adversity of a shorter bell ringing season and the loss of a major bell ringing site.

Yet, Waushara County citizens overwhelmingly came out to stand next to a kettle (representing over 25 churches, organizations, and groups) for over 400 hours, asking for your donations. You responded with giving  over $30,000 toward this cause.

Waushara County, we are not there yet, but I like to think we are gaining momentum.

Waushara County appre-ciates all the individuals, organizations, and businesses for the gift of time and money to keep the momentum going.


/s/ Roger Charette

Salvation Army Volunteer