Fireworks in Wautoma


To the residents of Wautoma,

The City of Wautoma Common Council has voted to assist in the funding of Wautoma’s “drive-in” fireworks show which will take place on Saturday, July 4. With the combined efforts of our elected officials, local organizations, businesses and individuals, we have been able to successfully raise enough money for an event that helps rally our community, albeit in a unique way this year.

The Waushara Area Chamber of Commerce Director, Chelsie Bohler, along with her Board, put forth a tremendous effort to partner with local businesses each year to organize and host one of the best Fourth of July events in Wisconsin. This is not an easy task, particularly in this economic environment.

Even during these unprecedented times when we’ve seen businesses shutter throughout Wisconsin, jobs vanish and events cancelled with no end in sight, Chelsie has proven vital in protecting one of our most timeless traditions – the annual fireworks show. This year, the City of Wautoma leaders chose to step in for some of those businesses who are strained from the ongoing pandemic and remain focused on keeping their own operations afloat.

Residents in the area are in need of a return to normalcy, and while we may not be able to get back what we have lost over these last several months, the City of Wautoma hopes that our community’s comeback starts with a ‘blast’.

We ask that anyone who can view the fireworks from their home or more distant location, please do so. Since the fairgrounds are closed to the public, our fireworks are larger shells which can be seen from farther away. Our local officers will be assisting with traffic in the immediate location of the display of the show.

The Freedom Fest event is cancelled, so there will be no entrance into this fairground parking and viewing area. We also encourage any viewers to utilize social distancing, as we are still in the midst of a pandemic.


Tommy Bohler

City Administrator, Clerk-Treasurer

City of Wautoma