American Legion Post and Auxiliary Unit 317 salute citizens

To the Editor,

Wolman Minskey American Legion Post 317 and American Legion Unit 317, salute our citizens of Waushara County. You are now the citizens wearing the uniforms of the COVID-19 war, serving our community.

You are the ones in the front lines providing emergency services, healthcare services, producing food, processing and transporting food, and all other good to the stores. You are the businesses providing carry-out, curbside services, and delivery of food. This is a new way of life for many of you.

You are the teachers working with our youth, exploring unfamiliar ways of learning. You are the parents and grandparents assuming the roles of teachers working with the children during these trying times while we are under the “Safer at Home” mandate.

You are the manufacturing companies who have stepped forward to make changes in your lines to produce the ventilators, personal protective equipment to be used by the citizens of this great nation to win the war against COVID-19.

You are the clergy who are ready to minister to all in need, as well as providing worship opportunities through new and unfamiliar avenues.

We salute our President of the United States and his team who tirelessly are working to protect the citizens of the great United States of America. We salute the National Guard and Army Core of Engineers who tirelessly work to carry out whatever needs to be done to provide what is needed to those who are ill and in hospitals.

We, as a Post of Waushara County, want to salute the families who have lost a loved one due to the COVID-19 war.

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the following cancellations for the summer. The cancellations have been made due to protecting the safety of our members and community.

The following are cancelled:

Memorial Day Program

Poppy distribution for Memorial Day Weekend

The Auxiliary Brat Fry for June 20

Badger Boys/Girls State

All Post and Auxiliary meetings for May

The Military Picnic and Expo for September

Thank you for everyone doing your part together.

God bless you and God bless America.

American Legion Post 317

And Auxiliary Unit 317