Prairie enthusiast’s workday & Savanna tour to be held Oct. 13

John Shillinglaw and members of The Prairie Sands Chapter of The Prairie Enthusiasts invite the public to a workday and tour of Mecan Savanna and Prairie on Saturday, Oct. 13.

The public can learn by working alongside The Prairie Enthusiasts the types of techniques being used to restore overgrown ecosystems into thriving native plant communities. Or, you can simply come along for the tour. Bring a picnic and enjoy a day on the savanna. After lunch, continue touring or some of you might want to bring canoes or kayaks and John Shillinglaw will tell you where to put in on either the Mecan River or Mecan Springs.

Located near Richford in the beautiful central sands of Waushara county, this event is hosted by members of the Prairie Sands Chapter of the Prairie Enthusiasts and joined by chapter members from Marquette, Adams, Green Lake, Juneau, Portage, and Waupaca counties.

Directions to Mecan Prairie from Hwy 39 at Coloma: Go east on Hwy 21 at Coloma for 5 miles to Richford where you turn right on Hwy B heading south. Go through Richford on B nine tenths of a mile, then turn left on Hwy JJ heading east. Go 4.3 miles on JJ and you will see a cemetery on the right.  Here you make a very sharp right turn onto Czech Rd. almost heading back west.  (If you reach a stop sign on JJ, you have gone too far.) Go about quarter mile on Czech Rd. and you come out of a woods and see a prairie on the left. This is part of Mecan Prairie.

For more information, you can contact John Shillinglaw at