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New Year’s resolutions for gardeners

Every year around this time I feel a familiar excitement. It may still be early winter, with snow on the ground and bitter winds whipping around every corner, but inside I’m pouring over seed catalogs, admiring Pinterest boards overflowing with beautiful perennials and well-ordered veggie patches, and generally making a lot of grand plans that will, if we’re being honest, eventually come to naught.

I really meant to get a jump on pulling all those weeds. And this will definitely be the year I remember to start my seeds indoors six weeks early. If you’re like me and need a way to harness your momentum, (or need something to hold you accountable, as the case may be), turning some of those promising ideas into New Year’s resolutions may just be the thing to keep us all motivated well past the first of January and start the year off right.

One of my favorite winter pastimes is curling up with a pot of tea and a stack of seed catalogs, the chillier the day is outside, the better. I mark off all the uncommon varieties I want to try in the coming season and daydream about the lush cutting garden and bounty of blooms I will have in just a few short months. And with all the money I’ll save by starting the seeds and transplanting them myself, I can certainly afford to add a few more packets to my cart.

There’s still plenty of time to set up the lights, buy the growing medium, and clear a space for the seedlings. As the weeks pass, my to-do list turns into a second, and before I know it, I’m back at the garden center buying plants and plotting the best way to store my seeds for next year. Best of all, now that you have turned this into a New Year’s resolution to keep you focused, this year will be different.


Whether your resolutions match the ones on my list, it’s always best to go into a new season armed with a plan. Write down the goals you hope to accomplish this year, projects to tackle, and veggies to grow. Clip pictures from magazines, draw up a diagram, and most importantly, stick with it. And if the next season flies by again before we’ve completed every single item on our list, call it a head start on the following year’s resolutions.