Gardening Tips and Highlights

Plan your Coronavirus

victory garden             


Now is the time to get busy, a time when many of us are home social distancing. The perfect time to plant things.

As farmers, this time of year always spring up with sprouting crops, fresh succulent greens, and a full crop of hope for the season ahead. Every year we are motivated by big plans and goals, high aspirations, and good faith that the seeds we sow will grow into nourishing food for our family and community. During the pandemic, we could all use a bit of good faith and hope for the season ahead.

Victory gardens were popular during both World Wars in the United States.  In response to promotional posters, 3 million new garden plots were planted in 1917 and more than 5.2 million were cultivated in 1918, and up to 20 million victory gardens were planted between 1942 and 1944. The promotional effort was so popular they turned to educate people on how to preserve their harvests by canning and drying crops. Numbers like that strengthened local food security, garden by garden.

Victory gardens raise morale, as well as crops. With this virus, there is so much uncertainty.  It is unknown if there will be food shortages or economic changes that would impact food purchasing power. Growing a garden could nurture confidence and a greater sense of food security, as well as a source of healthy fresh food.

In the meantime, it provides a productive therapeutic project, a focus, fresh air, and meditative activity.  Gardening can be a solitary and healing project, perfect for social distancing.  It is a welcome distraction from the news and social media.  Gardening therapy is real.  Let the Zen of the garden nurture you as you grow your own food.