Gardening Tips and Highlights

by Christine Yesko

Since the state of Wisconsin has declared a state of emergency due to COVID-19, pretty much everything has been canceled.  That’s providing us with a good excuse to stick close to home and focus on not aiding the spread of the virus.  But, I don’t want to find myself stuck inside watching TV or reading boring news articles.  Instead, I plan to be outside as much as possible.

If weather permits we can clean-up the yard and look over our plants, trees, and shrubs for possible damage done by the weather or hungry wildlife.

If you’re not sure what to do to calm your nerves and force yourself to think about something other than the new worldwide pandemic, here a few ideas and encouragement to find your own peaceful balance: Take a walk by yourself or with someone else; Do some pruning of trees and shrubs; now’s the time, re-pot house plants.


If it’s nasty outdoors, there’s always the book you’ve been meaning to read.  Check out the library for many gardening books available on various topics.  A podcast is a favorite of the tech-savvy and contains many gardening programs.  Since a lot of people are stuck inside, this is a perfect time to make a phone date to catch up with a friend or family member.  Since some gyms are closed, yoga and meditation can be learned online and what better time than now.


Think about people in our community who are going to be impacted by this crisis much more severely than yourself.  Take care of yourself, practice empathy with everyone around you (including the person buying the last roll of toilet paper in front of you at the store), and remember that we’re all in this together.