Gardening Tips and Highlights

December garden to-do list

by Christine Yesko


Besides looking and dreaming of all the plants and seeds in those garden seed catalogs that are filling up our mailboxes, there are a few tasks that need to be completed this month.

Here are a few to think about: Craft your own winter container arrangement using evergreens, grasses, grapevines, and dried flower heads from your garden. Use containers that can withstand cold temperatures such as stone or plastic.

Clean, sharpen, and oil tools before putting them away for the winter.

Make a winter to-do list of pruning jobs. From inside your home, pay attention to the slope of trees and shrubs and how they frame or highlight the garden view. Tree pruning is a fun task for sunny days, and shrubs can be pruned as long as there is not much snow on the ground obscuring the base of the plants.

Keep bird feeders full and clean periodically. Make water available to the birds and wildlife.

Spread fireplace ashes over garden beds to amend the soil.

When done, place your Christmas tree in the garden for added wildlife protection.

Inventory last year’s leftover seeds before ordering new ones.        

Wrap trunks of susceptible trees to protect from rodents.


Make notes in your garden journal for changes and improvements.