Gardening Tips and Highlights


Cutting down

on garden weeds           


You would probably rather be out in your garden doing any other task than toiling under the hot sun pulling out weeds the size of your arm.  If that’s how you feel, here are some tips to cut down on weeds in your vegetable garden this summer.


Mulching is a very effective method. It can’t be stressed enough, wherever there is bare soil, weeds will grow. The single most effective step you can take towards reducing weeds is to mulch your garden beds and paths so that they don’t have any exposed soil.  You can mulch your garden beds with hay, straw, leaves, or grass clippings.

Get them while they’re young. It’s a daunting task to spend a whole day weeding your garden.  So, don’t let it go to that point.  A little bit of weeding every few days will keep the job manageable. If you can’t get the weeds out by the root with your hands, you should be using a digging fork.  If you leave the roots in the ground the weed will simply re-sprout.

The more you weed, the fewer weeds you’ll have. If you keep on top of your weeds, after a few years you’ll see the weed pressure slowly diminish.  If you always let your garden get out of control in the summer, then you are consistently replenishing the weed seed supply.  Monitor certain areas for noxious or perennial weeds and pull them before they go to seed.  In some of the garden areas. Instead of pulling weeds, especially ones close to the lawn, lay down a thick layer of cardboard and cover it with woodchips or any other mulch.  It studies up the area and smothers those weeds, which is better than using chemicals.


In conclusion, there is no such thing as a garden without weeds.  The goal of gardening is happiness-so whatever you need to do to evoke as much of it as possible from your garden, do it, and stay cool.