Waushara County EMS receives house to store ambulance and host crew

Tony Kappell of McMahon Associates gave an update on the sewer treatment facilities project at the regular Wild Rose Village Board meeting on July 11 at the village hall. He reported that the plan was submitted, and alternate bids were received for various items to be done at each specific pond. Problems arose when the DNR kept changing requirements. Kappell pointed out that other municipalities are in the same boat in spending time and money on improving their sewer facilities only to have the DNR change requirement levels and more. Kappell went on by saying that some non-treatment measures can be taken. In conjunction with the sewer treatment facility project, the board had approved services of McMahon Associates to assist in preparing reports for the USDA application process. The Waushara County EMS was represented to report the approved the sale of a home owned by ThedaCare. This home will be used by the EMS to house an ambulance and crew on a regular basis to help better serve the area. An ambulance has been stationed at the Wild Rose Fire Station on a rental basis, but it became clear that it wouldn’t be able to remain there without major reconstruction of the facilities. 

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