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Healthy Families Waushara County supports new parents

Expectant and new parents often share common questions about the care of their infants, their child’s growth, and development. How often should I feed the baby? How long should the baby sleep?  How can I calm a crying baby? What can my baby see? Is my car seat okay? When will my baby roll over? How can I tell if my baby is sick?

Fortunately, pregnant mo-thers and families of newborn infants living in Waushara County can get answers to these questions, support provided right in their homes and connections to community resources through Healthy Families Waushara County.

Healthy Families Waushara County is a free home based program offering vital support to pregnant mothers and parents as they deal with the challenges of raising babies and young children. The program is designed to support expectant mothers and families of newborns, share information about pregnancy, child development, and parenting, and provide information and referrals to community resources.

Families receive the support they need based on their specific situation. Participation in the program is free and voluntary. Families may choose to opt out whenever they want. This family-centered program schedules home visits at each family’s convenience. During visits the nurse home visitor provides information on having a healthy pregnancy, information and activities related to the child’s age, works with the family to identify areas they in which may want additional support or need information and helps parents bring out the best in themselves by tapping into the skills they already possess.

Sheila Schmidt is the program’s nurse home visitor. Sheila brings a passion for working with families and children to Waushara County. “I think working with families and children is the best job,” said Sheila. Sheila is a Registered Nurse with Wellness and Early Childhood Certification and is excited to support the individual needs of families in Waushara County.


Sheila’s background in-cludes years of experience assisting children and families in a variety of settings. Before starting with Waushara County, she provided nursing services for children, youth, adults, and families at the Agnesian HealthCare Family Medical Clinic in Ripon. With devotion and compassion, she supported students as a Cross-Categorical Aide in the Markesan School District, bringing a comprehensive knowledge of learning challenges and disabilities. As a Preschool Teacher, building child’s success to promote social, physical, and intellectual growth using knowledge and understanding of child development and health, safety and nutrition issues that affect young children.

Waushara County made a commitment to provide on-going support for the county’s young families when it created the Nurse Home Visitor position. Additional funding for the program is provided through a grant from the Basic Needs Giving Partnership, which is supported by the U.S. Venture Fund for Basic Needs within the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation, the J.J. Keller Foundation and other community partners.


To participate in the program or for learn more about Healthy Families Waushara County, call Sheila Schmidt at 920-787-6550.