Achieving weight loss by cutting calories and/or increasing physical activity

Last week’s article dis-cussed the obesity epidemic in our country. It pointed out that weight gain results from consuming more calories than are burned. It also pointed out that our culture promotes weight gain through consumption of large portions of high-calorie foods combined with decreased physical activity. This article will focus on the calorie consumption part of the equation. The human body is programmed to survive when food is plentiful and when food is scarce. When we consume more calories than we need, energy is stored in the form of fat to be used at a later time. When we burn more calories than we consume, the body will resort to using fat for energy. In our society, most people do not suffer from a lack of sufficient calories. Some people are more efficient at storing calories than others. This is at least partly due to genetics. So one person could eat the same foods as another and one will gain weight while the other might not. You cannot change your genetics.

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