The 2017-2018 Wautoma High School Hornet’s varsity basketball team earned All-State Team All-Academic Award, with the highest GPA (3.85) ever since the award’s inception in 2011. Those awarded were Alex Hendrickson, Cade Peterson, Ryan Lois, Dante Borland, Kade Panich, Jordan Reilly, Jacob Schmidt, and Logan Johnson.

Wautoma boys Varsity Basketball team earned All-State All-Academic Award

    ThedaCare recognizes the Wautoma High School Hornet’s boys varsity basketball team for earning the highest academic grade point average of all teams in the state in Division 3 for the 2017-2018 season. With a GPA of 3.85, the Hornets also recorded the highest GPA since the boys All-State Team All-Academic honor has been awarded.     “Some of these players overcame major injuries, including extensive rehabilitation, to be able play for the team,” said Ryan Greve, DPT, lead physical therapist at ThedaCare Medical Center-Berlin and ThedaCare Therapy Services-Wautoma. “The boys’ basketball team is well-known at our ThedaCare physical therapy clinic in Wautoma. I have had a strong relationship with members of the team for several years as has Bailey Wehrle, who serves as the school’s athletic trainer. We are proud of their performance on the court and in the classroom.”     The team compiled a 12-10 win/loss record, finishing in third place in the South Central Conference. Three members of the team were seniors and graduated on May 26. Cade Peterson will attend the University of Wisconsin; Jordan Reilly, the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater; and Jacob Schmidt, Concordia University.     “Most of these players were part of our team last season that won the second-place All-State Team All-Academic award. This year, we made it a goal to try to win first-place All-State Team All-Academic,” said Craig Panich, varsity basketball coach at Wautoma High School. “The guys pushed each other on the floor and in the classroom. This is our third All-State Team All-Academic award in my five years at Wautoma, and I’d like to think we are creating a culture where high academic performance is expected if you want to be part of our basketball program.”     “These young men put great efforts into their rehabilitation exercises and obviously they put that same dedication into their academic work,” said Wehrle, a licensed athletic trainer with ThedaCare Orthopedic Care who provides services to students at Wautoma High School. “We are proud of their accomplishments.”