Waushara County Health News

Heart Disease


According to the Waushara County Public Health Profile, in 2017 there were 96 deaths and 157 hospitalizations related to cardiovascular or heart disease. The American Heart Association defines heart disease as a condition that develops when plaque builds up in the walls of the arteries. The buildup narrows the arteries making it difficult for blood to flow properly. This can form a blood clot which can lead to a heart attack or stroke. There are other problems related to the heart such as an abnormal rhythm or heart failure.  Medications can help but preventing this from ever starting is the key.

Preventing heart disease can start at any age. Here are some suggestions from the American Heart Association: eat plenty of fruits and veggies, high fiber whole grains, fish, nuts, legumes, nuts, and eat foods lower in saturated fats, trans fat, and sodium. Be physically active about two and a half hours a week and incorporate muscle strengthening exercises during two or more days a week.

There are age specific prevention tips as well:

In your 20’s, receive regular wellness exams. These early screenings can detect a problem before it starts. Be physically active and do not smoke and avoid secondhand smoke.

In your 30’s, remain physically active to maintain a healthy weight and continue eating plenty of fruits and vegetables. Also incorporate ways on how to manage stress.

In your 40’s, maintaining a healthy weight becomes more difficult because metabolism slows down as we age. As with any age, eat healthy and keep exercising.

In your 50’s, eat a healthy diet and know the warning sign of a heart attack and stroke. See your Primary Care Provider for regular physicals and wellness checks.

In your 60’s and up, your body actually needs fewer calories at this point. Exercise regularly and eat smaller portions of nutrient dense foods.


At any age, the American Heart Association recommends eating a healthy diet to maintain a healthy weight and to participate in regular exercise. Heart disease can start at any age. Make one small change today that will impact your health for a lifetime.