Waushara County Health News

The season of sharing and giving


Christmas and New Year’s is the season for sharing and giving. Everyone loves to get together with family and friends, catch up on what is happening in each other’s lives, share meals and gifts, and, unfortunately, share illnesses. This is also known as flu season. The flu is not the stomach illness many people call the flu, but the flu is the respiratory illness that can make you ill for weeks, can put you into the hospital, and can kill.

Each year society loses many children and older adults to the flu. When adults become sick, they are often sick for week and miss work, resulting in lost wages. However, children and older adults are often times hit much harder and become critically ill.

One myth of the flu shot that the Waushara County Health Department hears every year is that you will get the flu if you get the flu shot. The Health Department gives the flu shot to so many community members, they would be hearing of epidemic flu cases in September and October if that was true. People would not keep coming back year after year to get the flu shot if it made them ill. It is a coincidence that people get ill because the flu shot is given out at the beginning of the most susceptible time of the year for many common cold type illnesses. It is true there are a few rare people who cannot tolerate the flu shot, but they do not get the flu; instead, they have an allergic reaction.


Now is the time to get the flu shot. The Waushara County Health Department still has a small supply of high dose flu shots available for people over the age of 65. They also have some children’s flu shots available. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call the Health Department at 920-787-6590.