Wild Rose Village Board approves ice skating rink

Two concerned citizens addressed the Wild Rose Village Board during the Jan. 2 meeting.

Don LaPlante reported to the Board on what he found out regarding the possibility of needing a variance and such for a property he recently purchased on Cleveland Ave. which has a building on it, not currently being used as a residence. He wants to use it as a residence, and because of it, no variance is supposedly needed. A neighboring prop-erty owner has an issue with it and LaPlante’s plans for it but shouldn’t because there’s ample room.

The Board mentioned that zoning is not an issue, but rather variance with a neighbor, and advised LaPlante to go before an appeals Board, made up by interested appointed village residents and be heard.

The Board later comprised a list of possible candidates to serve on the appeals Board, plus a couple extra in case any of the first five possibilities cannot serve on the Board.

Tara Anderson has per-sistently approached the Board about the idea of having a community ice skating rink, and has again asked permission to plan on having one on the vacant library lot at the corner of Front St. and Wisconsin Ave. She asked the Village if they would pay for the light, and acquire a shed for the warming house.


Village trustee Perry Drmolka mentioned that there is a power pole (owned by the village) in the alley near the proposed rink site which can be used as a power source, and can be hooked up and used for a street light.


The Board advised And-erson to attend the Jan. 28 Library Board meeting to get an official okay from them in writing to have the rink on that lot, and plan on what she wants to do for next year because it’s getting too late to really work on it for this winter. The Village Board then granted permission to have the rink as long as the Library Board approves the plans, that there’s lighting, a warming shed, and there’s no cost to the Village.

In other business it was mentioned that a special meeting will be held at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 29 to open bids for work to be done at the sewer plant.

The sidewalks in the village will be cleared of snow by the maintenance crew as much as possible.

The 2019 budget of $92,396.62 was approved during a special meeting held Dec. 27.

The caucus order for the spring election will be: Tom Lauritzen, John Eilers, Mary Pilz.


The next regular meeting will be held at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 7.