Wild Rose Village Board approves change orders for Wastewater Treatment Facility project

The Wild Rose Village Board approved the change orders for the Wastewater Treatment Facility project during an Aug. 7 meeting. Tony Kappel of McMahon Engineering explained what the change orders involved: a thermostat and a 124 volt powered controller. The total cost for the two items will be $1,057.45. Board member Tom Lauritzen questioned if the change order for the controller was an engineering error. No more change orders are expected for the project, which is on schedule for completion.

The Board went on to approve the work to be done on Hospital Road and Grove Avenue for $103,260 with American Asphalt awarded the project.

Several addressed the Board regarding various subjects. Brian Donaldson asked if the Village could help share in the cost of the Wild Rose EMS station repairs. The drive-through garage had to be redesigned for an additional $25,000. Board members questioned why the village should share the cost when it was a county project. The Board stated they will discuss the matter further and see if the Townships could possibly share in the cost.

Eric Larson and Tom Gotthart requested permission to place a 30,000 gallon propane tank on a parcel of property off the Myriad Parkway. The two were informed that plans should have been presented to the Board. When Larson originally approached the Board in April, it was with the idea of acquiring space in the Industrial Park. With LP being a hazardous material within the village limits, a fire safety analysis has to be done, and the zoning committee has to meet. A viable plan could be approved at the next meeting.

Larry Gordon of the Wild Rose Airport Association spoke to the Board regarding a property owner having land adjacent to the southeast section of the airport property. It appears that the property (a building) is being accessed from across the end of the runway, and it poses a potential hazard. The Village Board will check on the survey of the properties and see what can be done to solve the problem. Gordon also pointed out that someone was seen flying a remote controlled plane with a five-foot wingspan at the airport and wondered if it was allowed. He was told that the Airport Association has the right to control the area and cease flying remote plans.

Joann Hayes of the Sno Rovers Snowmobile Club spoke to the Board regarding the establishment of trails as previously agreed on, and to allow Al Roemer use of an ATV to place trail markers, as well as pick them up again at the end of the snowmobiling season. The Board approved the use of the trails within the village as before, but will have to revisit the ATV issue from Al’s house to the trail and back. As it is now, the ATV/trailer can be driven to the trail site and use the ATV from there.

Andy Shurpit spoke to the Board regarding an idea a St. Croix group had for running a Watercross event on the millpond as part of a fundraiser for Lost Companions and the new animal shelter in Waushara County. The Board told Shurpit that the DNR would never approve of it—the millpond is part of a trout stream.

The Wild Rose Hotel was well represented when speaking before the Board regarding the hotel slipping into the millpond. A representative of a company, which has worked on similar situations, was on hand and stated that plans are underway to take care of the situation at the hotel using crushed concrete at a cost of $5,000 plus what’s needed for silt preservation. Permits are needed, as well as the DNR’s permission, and care is being taken so that the turtles won’t be harmed in the area.

In other business, the Village is seeking bids for garbage/recyclable pickup.

The Board reviewed a sample of a spend down policy. It was pointed out that municipalities will be required by law to have such a policy.

Ordinance changes from Kubasta, Bickford, and Lorenson were approved.

An operator’s license was approved for Gail Stout.

The Board heard a report on the summer reading program, which took place at the Patterson Memorial Library. Eighty kids were registered for the program, and more than 200 kids and adults attended the weekly entertainment sessions. Circulation is reported up at the library.

The Board looked at the proposed plans for a village sign to be erected to the north of the red mill/dam/millpond.

The Board considered the Classic Car Show’s request to not allow general parking on Main Street for the night of the car cruise—Friday, Sept. 20.

The next regular Board meeting will be at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 8.