Wild Rose Village Board approves bid for wastewater treatment facility

The Wild Rose Village Board approved a bid for work to be done at the wastewater treatment facility during a Feb. 6 meeting. Tony Kappell of McMahon Associates was on hand for the opening of bids for the project. A bid of $96,236 was accepted from JF Ahern to complete the proposed project.

Don LaPlante was also on hand to ask of the status of his meeting with the Board of Appeals regarding property he acquired in the village. He was informed that the meeting will be taking place as soon as the newly formed Appeals Board can receive all the necessary information, and set the date for the meeting.

Members approved for the Board of Appeals were: Lori Blietnick as Chairperson, three-year term; Rachelle Towne as secretary, three-year term; Gary Hudziak, one-year term; Mark Williams, two-year term; and Craig Szymborski, two-year term.

The Board went on to approve the adoption of Ordinance 9-2-12A regarding the possession of drug paraphernalia.

A Temporary Class B Retailers License was approved for the Wild Rose Fire Departments bi-annual spring banquet.

The municipal court report included the judge will be attending a continuing education program.

It was reported the water level in the millpond has been good this winter

The next regular board meeting will be Wednesday, March 6 at 7 p.m.