Wautoma Area School District Board discusses hiring second school counselor at Riverview Elementary

The Wautoma Area School District Board of Education held a work meeting on Feb. 4 to approve and discuss various matters.

The Board discussed the possibility of hiring another school counselor for Riverview Elementary School. District Administrator Tom Rheinheimer went over the current counselor’s position and saw that the students would benefit from having another counselor. Originally, there was talk of an Assistant Principal being hired, but after talking with Riverview Principal Ann Fajfer, Rheinheimer decided an extra counselor would be more beneficial. Possibly, the grades could be split so that one counselor focused on one half of kids, while the second counselor helped the other half. This topic would be put for approval for the Monday, Feb. 11 meeting.

The Board approved the revision to the Police 8600 Transportation for first consideration. At the last Board meeting, it was discussed that there was a new transportation director. Kendra Knutson and Rheinheimer made relevant changes to the policy.

Also approved was the Crossroads Academy Paraprofessional job de-scription. Lenore Williams needed to have her job description changed so that it is more relevant to the current job she has, because she had taken on more tasks.

The drainage investigation and remediation topic was discussed. There are water issues at Wautoma High School, Redgranite Elementary School, and Parkside Middle School. Rheinheimer met with the County Highway Department who said that the District had to get the water away from the schools. CR Meyer took a look at the Bus Barn for the school.

An engineer will be looking at the different schools to give a recommendation for what can be done to fix the issue. Then, the engineer will place bids for contractors that can complete the job. There is no quote right now, but Rheinheimer noted that it would be roughly $150,000-$200,000, if not more to complete the work at all three schools.

Board members received the data from the Open Enrollment survey that was sent out. There were many questions that parents/guardians were asked, such as the reason for either enrolling or unenrolling their child in the district. The top reason for enrolling their students were: school environment, music/art programs, facilities, school safety, and AP classes. For those unenrolling their children, their reasons were: convenience, school safety, school environment, and AP classes. Rheinheimer noted that when it came to school safety and AP classes, the numbers were the same for those enrolling and unenrolling, which makes interpreting the data a bit harder.

The Redgranite air conditioning project specifications were discussed and Engineer Gary Pabst was at the meeting to discuss what he has done so far. There are closing bids for the Riverview and Redgranite gym, but the most important part is the Redgranite classrooms. There will be approval at the Monday, Feb. 11 meeting, but Rheinheimer hopes to have the construction start during Spring Break this year, and have all the loud construction work done then so that when students come back to class the construction isn’t as distracting.

In his final comments, Tom Rheinheimer commended the Board for taking care of the schools in this District. This pertained to the water work that needs to be done at the schools. Rheinheimer noted that some districts let their schools suffer, especially if construction is costly. Rheinheimer and the rest of the Board said they were proud of the schools in the district and wanted to see them in the best condition possible for the students, staff, and community.

The next board meeting is Monday, Feb. 11 at 6:15 p.m. in the Riverview Elementary School Library.