Waushara County Department of Human Services selects local Foster Parent Champions to share their experiences as foster parents with others in the community. Waushara County is in need of foster parents who would care for children of all ages and needs and especially for teenagers, children with behavioral or emotional needs and sibling groups. Pictured are foster parents, Becky Borud and Bruce Williams with Waushara County Foster Care Coordinator, Whitney Golding. For more information and to arrange a grou

Waushara County Dept. of Human Services receives Foster Parent Recruitment Grant

Waushara County De-partment of Human Services was recently selected as a recipient of a Foster Parent Recruitment Grant. This grant, offered by the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families, allows the Department to select Foster Parent Champions who will assist in efforts to educate community members about the need for foster parents across the State of Wisconsin.


Local foster parents Becky Borud and Bruce Williams have been selected to serve as Waushara County’s Foster Parent Champions. Over the next six months, Becky and Bruce will share their experiences with local groups and organizations by answering questions, leading discussions, and talking frankly about the challenges and rewards of fostering youth. Additionally, Becky and Bruce are tackling other projects to include an informational video and a panel presentation. You can also expect to see them at future community events such as Blue Ribbon Kids Day.

Waushara County is in need of foster parents who would care for children of all ages and needs, but especially needs foster parents for teenagers, children with significant behavioral or emotional needs, and sibling groups. Local Foster Parent Champions hope to reach individuals who have experience with these populations as well as other community members interested in learning more about foster parenting.

Foster families come in all shapes and sizes. They include single parents, retirees, and couples of all ages. Some foster families have children of their own, while others have no children or grown children who no longer live at home. Foster families live in homes ranging from rural farms to local apartment buildings and any variation in between.

Foster parents may be working, retired, or at home. What they have in common is a desire to offer a safe and healthy environment, guidance, compassion and support for a child or children who are not able to live with their parents. Foster parents may support children in in short-term, overnight, weekend or long-term care arrangements.

If you, someone you know, or your organization is interested in hearing from a Foster Parent Champion, please contact Foster Care Coordinator Whitney Gold-ing at 920-787-6550, or email at whitney.golding@co.waushara.wi.us.