Waushara County Sheriff Wally Zuehlke presented a plaque of recognition to retiring Chief Deputy curt Olson on Jan. 3. Olson retired after 35 years of service. (See more photos on page 11)

Waushara County Chief Deputy Curt Olson retires after 35 years with the department

Waushara County Chief Deputy Curt Olson retired from the Waushara County Sheriff’s Department on January 3rd after 35 years of service.

Chief Deputy Olson began his career on April 22, 1985 when he was hired by Sheriff Norm Weiss to work in the jail. For six years Olson worked in the jail and then became a Patrol Relief for a few years.  After Patrol Relief he spent 17 years as a detective before coming Chief Deputy 5 years ago following the appointment of Jeff Nett as Sheriff.

As Chief Deputy his duties included the day to day operations from budget to personnel as well as always attempting to have closure for victims.  “I was assigned to many cases including several sexual assault cases and I was always the lead on homicides,” he added.  He said that in every case there are many affected, the victim, the family, the perpertrator, and the family.  Each case involves so many.

He said the two cases that come to mind for homicides included the Floyd Proctor death on Shangrila Lane and the Travis Peterson case.   He believes the biggest problems facing Waushara County and the nation today is opioid and drug abuse.

Working as a Chief Deputy his most challenging job was retaining personnel especially in the jail and dispatch.  He said that they find the right people that are qualified and retaining them is a challenge.

Chief Deputy Olson said the most rewarding is, “Hoping I did a great job for the county and I made sure that we had equipment to keep our officers safe.  I want to leave here with my head held high knowing I did the best for the county each and everyday.”

Filling the vacant position is Jim Lietz, currently the Chief Detective who has been with the department for 20 years.

Chief Deputy Olson lives in Berlin with his wife, Jodie, who is the Berlin City Administrator.  They have a son, Zachary, who lives in California, and a daughter, Samantha, a student a UW-Oshkosh.

Following retirement Ol-son plans to do whatever he pleases and that may including shooting target rifles, ice fishing, and golfing with his buddies on Thursdays.

He has given the county 35 years of dedicated service and Jan. 3rd was an emotional day for him as he left a job that had become his life to take precious time to enjoy family, friends, hobbies and interests that he so deserves.