Waushara County Board of Supervisors, administrators, and county staff are pictured along with the Dan Sperberg and Woody Wickershem from the Operating Engineers #139 Training Center in Coloma where the board meeting was held on July 19.  Top row(on the road grader) Bob Sivick, Todd Wahler, Dan Sperberg (Local 139), Woody Wickersheim (Local 139);middle row (standing) Megan Kapp, John Hochkammer (WCA), Mike Nigbor, Wally Zuehlke, Pat King, Patrick Nehring, George Peterman, Mike Kapp, Debbie Paavola (view obs

Waushara County Board holds regular meeting at Wisconsin Operating Engineers Training Center

    As part of the Waushara County Board on tour throughout the county to enable citizens to make it more convenient to attend a meeting, the board held their July meeting at the Wisconsin Operating Engineers #139 Training Center in Coloma on July 17.     Prior to the meeting citizens, county employees, and the county board had a tour of the 400 acre facility by Dan Sperberg, Vice President & Training Director.  The tour included the buildings used for classroom training, their newest expansion, a 300 ft. long and 80 ft. high inside training facility as well as a motor tour of the outside training for cranes, earth movers, graders and more. Woody Wickersheim, Site Coordinator, assisted with the tour.     Jeff Nett, Waushara County Sheriff, spoke during public comments at the start of the board meeting.  He addressed the fact that in addition to more road staff, there are other needs.  He is looking to add one more administrative staff, a supervisor in the jail, and a drug investigator.  He also said that with the new courthouse security it will require two more officers for the point of entry.  He also addressed the fact that the next sheriff will have to address the issue of school safety and how to make the buildings more secure.  He believes armed security is the best solution.  How that is paid for will be up to the schools and the county, he added.     Robert Sivick, Admin-istrator, thanked Dan Sperberg for the tour and supervisor Mark Kerschner for organizing the evening at the Operating Engineers Training Center.  He said that the big item on his desk at the moment was the budget and he will continue working with department directors.     He also reported that Ruth Zouski, Corporation Counsel, is working on the negotiations with the Professional Police Association.  On July 17, Sivick, Superviors Wedde, Kalata, and Eckstein visited the mealsite in Wild Rose.  On July 24 they visited the Poy Sippi mealsite.   The county continues the discussion with UW-Extension  attempting to avoid any cuts in the programs.     Waushara County has eight libraries and the directors from all the libraries except one spoke at the meeting and told of their services, their clientele, and how appreciative they are to the county for the funding provided.  They added that they believe libraries are a gathering place and they provide services that are enjoyed by many citizens in their area.     Wisconsin Counties Asso-ciation Outreach Manager, Jon Hochkammer, gave a presentation to the board that included the duties and responsibilities of the supervisors, the chair, and the administrator.     In other business the board approved:  An Amended Resolution up to $210,000 authorizing the transfer of funds from the Uncommitted Account of the General Fund to the EMS Budget for the purpose of purchasing and upgrading the property at 625 Colligan Ave., Wild Rose; and the ordinance amending a zoning change for Charles Siewert, Town of Marion.     The next meeting of the Waushara County Board of Supervisors will be held at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 21 at the Leon Town Hall, N4819 County Rd. E, Pine River. Prior to the meeting beginning at 4:30 p.m. there will be a tour of the Land Conservation practices underway at properties in the Pine River area conducted by Todd Wahler, Zoning and Land Conservation.