Wally Zuehlke wins Sheriff’s race in Partisan Primary Election

On Aug. 14 for the Partisan Primary Election in Waushara County, 28.72 percent of the eligible registered voters turned out for the election.  The locally contested race was for Waushara County Sheriff on the Republican ballot.  Wally J. Zuehlke, Coloma, won the election with 1804 votes, followed by Lafe Hendrickson - 1149, and Dennis W. Plantz-1075.  Zuehlke will be on the ballot in the November election. Zuehlke is a K9 handler for Waushara County and will take his K9, Argo, with him to the Sheriff’s Office.  One of the first things Zuehlke plans to do as Sheriff is start the process of choosing another K9 handler for Waushara County.  In a statement released to the Argus prior to the election Zuehlke said,”I believe that my education combined with my work experiences in Waushara County give me an especially great advantage when approaching a typical or critical problem. I draw on both to solve everyday issues and special challenges.” In addition to being a K9 Handler for the county, Zuehlke is the Village of Coloma police chief and he coordinates and supervises the Town of Coloma boat patrol.