Village of Coloma awarded $90,000 grant for incubator

The Tri County Regional Economic Development Corporation’s Board met on July 13. As TREDC Board Chairman Arden Bandt, Coloma Village president announced that the Village had received notification that they will be receiving a $90,000 grant to develop a downtown small business incubator. Bandt, stated. “This is why TREDC exists and is so important to our small communities. We don’t have the expertise available to go after this outside money. This year Waushara County provided $40,000 toward TREDC and now we bring $90,000 back along with a chance to provide businesses a chance to grow and provide jobs as well as revitalize our downtown here in Coloma.” Shortly, before this announcement was made, representatives from Mar-quette, Waushara, and Green Lake announced they would not be submitting funding requests for TREDC 2019. After initially creating the regional economic development corporation 14 years ago, county leader’s now feel that there just isn’t the return on their investment to justify further participation, according to Harley Reabe, Donna Kalata, and Kristen Skolarz. According to Reabe, the three county board chairs met and discussed this among themselves seeking no input from any other TREDC board members. Bandt exclaimed, “This is just a shame. Over the years we have had a partnership with the counties and their leaders, getting blindsided with this at the beginning of a meeting after 14 years of cooperation is unconscionable” 

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