Updated routes for ATV riders in the works

On April 21 the Village of Redgranite held a meeting in which they discussed a plan for updated ATV routes. The Board believes it will be a great addition for citizens owning an ATV. Board President, Belinda Passarelli, set up a meeting for Monday, April 27 in which all Board members will be encouraged to attend to begin going through roads that will be operated on. The rules and regulations will be released to riders, which can be summed up as a “ride at your own risk” policy. Although the process will take time, members of the Board are looking forward to the new routes. Please keep in mind, the act is pending, and no new routes are open at this time.

The Board also heard updates on emergency repairs to the white squad car and the repair on the police garage door opener. The repair to the car was approved, and an approval for the repair to the garage door had no bill yet. Chief Kyle Tarr also presented the idea of a new garage door opener. The original build of the doors was supposed to be two eight foot doors, but in order to save money a sixteen foot door was installed instead. The opener that is installed currently was made for an eight foot door. The opener is unable to support the weight of the sixteen foot door, causing more repairs on the opener. The Board approved the $1,250 cost for the proper opener.

Three project bids were also presented during the night. The first was for the Replacement of Culvert at Bonnell Ave. and Highway 21. The first company had bid. The bid from Egbert Excavating for $16,200 was approved.

The bid for Grind/Mill/Overlay Compacted to 1.5” on Randolph Street and Shave Down Approach onto Division Street had one from the county. The bid for $9,750 from the county was approved.

The last bid presented was for Grading of Sandy Pines Court. A bid of $12,500 from the county was approved.

The Board was presented with a couple of thank you notes. Citizens were grateful to the Village for how voting was handled. Residents felt safe as precautions were taken such as providing hand sanitizer, pens which they then could keep, pencils to touch screens which citizens could also keep, and barriers between voters and volunteers.

Another concern of a citi-zen was presented in the meeting. Living by the prison, they are concerned as people are going to the water tower at all times of day. The citizen is concerned for their safety, as they are not sure what is happening. There are not much the village police can do, as the road is open to the public. Many employees take breaks by the tower and citizens also can be seen doing harmless activities, such as reading a book. The police will keep an eye on it and patrol the area.

The MSA Invoice for $2,575, one for $$3,120, and one for $2,700 were all tabled. The Board held a discussion and decided to table these until a list of what is being waited on is received and everything is reviewed.

The Board made the following approvals:

•2020 Service Agreement with Badgerland Computer Systems, LLC - $1,360

•General Obligation Promissory Note Payment - $142,650.00 from TID Funds.

•Following Depositors for Funds – Hometown Bank, Farmers and Merchants Bank, Associated Bank (CDBG), and Local Government Investment Pool.

•Designating the Village President, Village Clerk and Chairman of Finance, Personnel, Insurance Committee to Sign Checks for the Village.

•Baker Tilly Virchow Krause as Village Auditors.

•Designating Daniel Sondalle as Village Attorney.

*Speedy Clean Bid quote of $2,120.00 for Sewer Televising.


The next regular meeting for the Village of Redgranite will be held at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, May 19 at the Village Hall.