Sheriff Jeff Nett expresses appreciation for county board support

For Waushara County Sheriff Jeff Nett, the Dec. 18 meeting of the Waushara County Board was his last one as sheriff and he addressed the supervisors and expressed his gratitude for their support.  He served as Waushara County Sheriff has been in law enforcement for 38 years, and will retire on Jan. 7 when Sheriff Elect Wally Zuehlke will be sworn in at the Waushara County Courthouse at 8:30 a.m.


Donna Kalata, chairman of the board, expressed appreciation on behalf of the board for his dedicated service to the county.  Administrator Bob Sivick also added that Sheriff Nett has gone above and beyond to serve the citizens of Waushara County.

Members of the Blazing Stars 4-H entertained the board and guests with the singing of several Christmas carols under the direction of Heidi Hensel-Buntrock, 4-H director.

Administrator Sivick gave his report and included meetings he had attended in November including the meeting on Wisconsin Toursim on Nov. 8 and 9.  He would like to see the county come up with a brand identity.  He added that increasing tourism would be good for the economy and tax base.

Corporation Counsel Ruth Zouski, gave her annual report to the supervisors including an update on an ongoing law suit that was filed in 2011.  She reported it remains in the higher court system.  She also stated that she has collected $123,000 for different departments and encouraged departments if they have trouble collecting debts she would be available to assist.

Zouski also said that presently the entire e-filing system is up and running and used for every case. Many may think this saves a paper trail, but she informed the supervisors that with the state laws, there is still a considerable amount of paper work.  The civil rights compliance is completed and filed.  She also reported that the StoneRidge easement is complete and the ambulance station in Wild Rose is near completion.   On Dec. 20 a meet and greet was held in Room 109 for funeral directors to meet with the  part-time Medical Examiner as this will replace the Coroner.

Surveyor Jerry Smart gave his annual report to the board and began by saying that a rash of section corners were destroyed this year and his department has been able to shoot as many as possible. He added that he is going through township by township and has completed Town of Plainfield and Town of Oasis and plans to do Town of Marion next.


He said he assisted with the new site plan for the new EMS facility in Wild Rose.   He added that he plans to work with zoning, register of deeds and the tax lister to upgrade the subdivision ordinance including condominium plots and statutes that need to be updated.

In other business the board of supervisors passed the following resolutions:

*Requesting the State Fund for Next Generation 911 Upgrades;

*Funds to upgrade Waushara County Radio and Tower Communication System at a cost of $1,870,034 over a 10 year plan with the initial payment for the initial upgrade and first year of maintenance  of $437,183;

*Authorizing the purchase of a K9. An anonymous donor has provided $15,000 for a third K9 and Crimestoppers has agreed to fund the additional expenses.  This third K9 will be of no cost to the taxpayers and Sheriff Elect Zuehlke will keep his K9 in the force until he sees fit to retire him;

*Urging the United State Postmaster General to reconsider how rural mail routes and mail box locations are determined placing priority on consumer safety.

An ordinance was passed amending Waushara County zoning maps pursuant to the authority granted in Chapter 58 Waushara Count Code zone change for Patrick Van Abel, Town of Bloomfield from Community Commercial to Single Family Residential.


The next meeting of the Waushara County Board of Supervisors will be held at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, January 15, in the County Board Room of the Waushara County Courthouse, Wautoma.