Redgranite Village gets update on street projects

MSA Professionals Pro-ject Engineer Dan Rammer attended the Aug. 20 Redgranite Village Board meeting to give the board an update on current street projects, stating that the Hydrant Replacement project is nearly completed. He stated that all of the hydrants have been replaced and that the concrete work, asphalt paving and restoration should be completed the week of Aug. 19 or Aug. 26.

Rammer told the board that recirculation testing still needs to be completed for the Well House #1 improvements project. He said that LW Allen was on site to investigate pump issues and believes the issues are now resolved.

Rammer also reported that CenturyLink utility has delayed the Wisconsin & Main Street project, stating that the deadline will not be met because of this. Until CenturyLink is on-site and relocates their utility lines along Wisconsin Street, Egbert Excavating is unable to install storm sewer along Wisconsin Street. Following that, roadway excavation will begin. Rammer stated “CenturyLink is holding up the entire project.”

In her monthly report vil-lage Clerk-Treasurer Christy Groskreutz told the board that the second quarter Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) had a balance of $85,593.80, effective June 30. This is available for home rehabilitation loans for qualifying village home-owners.

A special board meeting was held on Aug. 21. Village Attorney Dan Sondalle attended the meeting, handing out an overview of municipal library boards information from Wis. Stat. secs. 43.52, 43.54, and 43.58. He explained the role of library boards and the role of municipal boards and how they work together in providing library services.

He said that anything having to do with the library building, (i.e. repairs and renovations), if owned by the municipality, is the role of the municipality, but said that the library board governs how the library operates, purchases they wish to make, etc. Sondalle said he was there to clarify roles of both boards, but stressed the importance of both boards working well together.


In other business, the board approved:

•Budget meetings for Oct. 16 and Oct. 21, both at 6:30 p.m. at the municipal building.

•Installation of a secure drug drop box at the Redgranite Police Department, pending the approval of Police Chief Kyle Tarr.

•A meeting between village Attorney Dan Sondalle and village employee Lamont Larkins to discuss discrepancies with MSA contract for Well House #1 project.

•MSA Invoices:  #6 for $6,743.71 and #7 for $609.50 for street design/hydrant replacement, #2 for $9,512.50 and #3 for $12,400.26 for street reconstruction, and #2 for $21,480.96 for hydrant replacement.

•Repair costs of squad car #441 of $878.74 to Collision Clinic.

•A request from the Redgranite Historical Society to hold a wine walk fundraiser Oct. 12 and to issue a temporary Class B license.

•The Annual Quarry Clean-Up, by Diver’s Realm, Inc., for Sept. 14 and the rental of a port-a-potty for the day.

•Leaf/Brush Pick Up during the week of Oct. 15 and Neighborhood Clean Up during the week of Oct. 22.

•Operator’s licenses for Kayla Wilson (Dollar General), Rachael Wolf (Kwik Trip), and Abigail Mamerow (Shell).

•Temporary operator’s licenses for Redgranite Advancement Association on Aug. 31-Sept. 2 for Brenda Mastricola, Jeremy Meyer, Kristofer Peterson, and Gail Pierotti.

•Several other requests by the Redgranite Advancement Association to help facilitate the Redgranite Labor Day celebration, (i.e. shooting fireworks, adding dumpsters, temporarily changing park road signs, etc.).

Approved at special board meeting on Aug. 21:

•Egbert Excavating Pay Request #2 for $126,723.07 and Pay Request #3 for $74,406.25 for the hydrant replacement project.

•MSA invoice #12 for $12,730 for the water tower and well house improvements.

•City of Wautoma street sweep, for up to $999.99. This will be done just prior to the Labor Day week-end celebration.


The next regular Red-granite Village Board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 15 at 7 p.m. at the municipal building.